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the photo-identification concept

We photograph only the left side of the shark, and then use features like notches and marks to identify individuals.

Click for closeup of sharks - 120kb Half pec, a female shark, photographed on Aliwal Shoal. She is identified using the spots on her side and features such as the missing tip of her front left fin (top L 2002, top right 1999, bottom L 1997, bottom R 1996 - click on image for larger view).

to see more sharks

See if you can spot these raggies yourself on your next dive: Recent raggie photos

what is happening

pinger pinger
tagging with a pinger monitoring on the reef
Some sharks are tagged with "pingers". The pingers give off a sound pulse which is recorded by the monitoring stations on the reef. Monitoring stations are placed on the reef to record tagged sharks in the area. This information will help us to understand their habitat preferences during times of high diver pressure.
Please don't tamper with the equipment.
If it is loose or appears damaged please tell your skipper or local dive charter.

how you can help

Cathedral Cave
  • Please do not go into overhangs and caves (like Cathedral and Raggie Caves) as sharks use these areas as rest sites during the day
  • Be polite - don't barge into their caves and overhangs
  • Please don't approach within 3 metres - the sharks will come to you if they feel comfortable
  • Use flashes and torches considerately
  • The sharks often roll in the sand patch near Raggie Cave - keep it clear of divers if you want to see this interesting behaviour.
  • A diver's guide to diving with the raggies. Please read this for further guidelines!!!.

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Some facts about raggies

Find out more about the sustainable diving research project.


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Special thanks to the dive operators of Aliwal Shoal for their support

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